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Lower Elementary (Ages 6-9)

To assist a child we must provide him with an environment

which will enable him to develop freely. Maria Montessori

Program Offering for the 6-9 Classroom:

  • 6-9 class (grades 1-3)  5 days/week
  • Class time is 9:00 am. – 3:00 pm.



Specific educational practices common to Montessori programs include multi-age groupings, beautiful and carefully designed learning environment, emphasison teacher observation and research, a focus on the development of the wholechild’s selection of materials from within an appropriate range, and consistentsocial and behavioral guidelines and expectations.






The classroom is equipped fully with the Montessori materials of daily living, practical life, math, language, reading, spelling, art, science,and geography. There is also circle time for stories and community building.




At Family Montessori our goal is to provide children with opportunities for independence and self-exploration.

We allow children to develop independence by being responsible for their own work, clean up after themselves, and look to other children for help.

With many different activities in the classroom at any one time, there are opportunities for children to work together in small groups or individually and we respect and encourage them to make their own choices.




We allow children to work at their own pace and we encourage their participation in responsibility for the community.

We want children to develop,  at Family Montessori,  a love of learning, a respect for others, and respect for the environment and the classroom.


The Lower Elementary will celebrate many holidays together with pot luck meals and serving the community.  The students will attend one full day field trip each month as well as take part in the three all school field trips that involve the  entire program.




We believe that time outside is also important.  The children will spend time each day outside throughout the entire year.

 For more information or to schedule a visit to our classroom, please contact Erica Nichols at 
513-800-8023 or
email at familymontessoristaff@gmail.com.