OPEN HOUSE January 18th 6:30-7:30

Parent Comments

Parent’s Speak of their Experiences with Family Montessori…


The unique thing for me is that I am welcomed into that space with my children.  I get to participate.  I feel like I get transformed in my perspective of my children and what they are capable of.  I am learning how the teachers interact with my own children.  I see different facets of my own children. I see different ways to interact with them.  I am learning how to parent better.   I’ve grown as a parent.

The teachers not only believe in the children, but they also believe in the parents.



There aren’t enough words to express what FM means to our family. It is unique, it is community strong, & it is working! We searched for a long time to find a space where our wonderful & kinetic-learner of a boy could find his place in the education system. We’ve found so much more than that here. The positive peer support he receives in the Montessori environment at FM has given him a confidence & joy like we’ve never seen. He’s finding his place as a valuable member in an amazing culture.


Family Montessori was an answer to our prayers. We were preparing our son for Kindergarten, researching relentlessly for the right fit. He’s spirited, passionate, & needed a warm, vibrant community with strong roots in which to grow. FM came to us from the referral of friends & the marriage of the Montessori system to homeschool was literally, exactly what we as a family had dreamed of. FM is not merely a school. It is a true and brilliant community. We see our son’s future here.


What an answer to prayers! Family Montessori has fulfilled not only my family’s specific educational needs, but has also provided us a community of good folks with common backgrounds! I love FM. Not only as a believer in the Montessori system, but also what it  has done for my family. Getting friends and family involved like this absolutely means the world to me!      ~Aaron Hildebrand